NSG Group, the global leader in innovative high performance glass recently featured Tom’s work in their international newsletter.  Tom’s innovative use of their material first made headlines in November 2014 when his large scale work, Periodic Motion was installed in the BART station at Oakland International Airport. A true marriage between art, science and industry, Periodic Motion has changed the way architects and public art projects look at the inclusion of glass technology in their projects.

“What aroused my interest in this glass is its ability to reflect and transmit light in a particular way,”said Tom. “At sunrise and sunset. in the long red wavelengths of light. The pyrolitic gold coating on the glass responds accordingly. With the daytime blue wave length,it changes again. The additional feature of the Pilkington Eclipse™ Gold is its durability during fabrication.” But light reflections have to be handled critically in an airport environment.”I needed to create a combination of diffuse and scattered reflectance to avoid the danger of flash blindness,”said Tom.

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