Project Description

Chesterwood is notably one of the earliest venues in the United States to successively showcase large-scale abstract, conceptual and figurative works in an outdoor setting. Since 1978, the works of close to 600 emerging and established sculptors have been exhibited at Chesterwood, including Glenda Goodacre, Sol LeWitt, Albert Paley, and George Rickey. The exhibition, The Nature of Glass will run from June 18 – September 18, 2016.

EARTH/SKY at Chesterwood continues to represent my search for the ambiguous condition between the literal and the phenomenal. The unique quality of reflection combines with the transparency of glass, creating an ambiguous sense of space that obscures any references to the physical solidity of the materials, revealing the natural essence of the environment…’ 


Earth/Sky, 2016.
glass and metal, 102 x 120  x 61 inches
(in situ at Chesterwood grounds; Stockbridge, MA)