Project Description

CLIENT: Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)
DATE:  October 2014
LOCATION: Oakland International Airport, Oakland, CA
RENDERING:  Tom Patti Design

PERIODIC MOTION expands the idea that art is the experience we bring to it. The viewer inside the station is in the Work looking out. The artwork addresses the transition from rail to flight, land to air and space to create an immersive environment of diagonally oriented, motion-projected shapes that are connected linearly as a single gesture. The human mind envisions a departure and destination with points along the way. This conscious thought is depicted literally – expressing it visually by combining abstract shapes, symbols, signs and images discovered on subway, rail, air and space travel maps and along traveled paths and trails found in nature. PERIODIC MOTION is specific to  OAC, representing it as a zone of transition. Its appearance retains the aesthetic integrity of the open-air environment and the building materials that represent the technologies of our time.

Watch the video to learn more about the artist and the project.