The Corning Museum of Glass and Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) has announced the selection of Tom Patti, known for his body of work comprising visionary architectural systems, as the 2015/16 Specialty Glass Artist-in-Residence. The Residency is a joint program of the Corning Museum of Glass and Corning Incorporated that supports artists in exploring the use of specialty glass materials to inform their body of work.

Working in glass since the 1960s, Patti has received international attention for his small-scale sculptural glass works and large-scale public commissions, which integrate the aesthetic and technical concerns of glass. Unlike many Studio Glass pioneers of his generation, Patti did not focus on traditional glass techniques, but embraced the use of industrial sheet glass to make small, compacted glass sculptures with a complex inner architecture. He also created large-scale installations using an impact-resistant glass of his own formula that breaks light into its spectral components.

“The Corning Museum of Glass works hard to be a partner to artists, designers, and scientists—serving as a laboratory and acting as a catalyst for creativity—to further the understanding and application of glass,” said Karol Wight, president and executive director of The Corning Museum of Glass. “Tom’s work over the last 35 years has been about exploring and experimenting with the material of glass, researching different formulations of glasses and hot-forming techniques and using industrial and architectural glass as a sculptural medium.”

“Corning Incorporated is dedicated to innovation and experimentation with glass, and we have a long history of collaborating with artists,” said Dr. David Morse, executive vice president and chief technology officer of Corning Incorporated. “Tom’s own experimentations with glass compositions make him a particularly interesting artist to work with and we are eager to work with him and see what new discoveries he makes with our material.”

Patti has previously acted as a technical consultant on glass design for Corning, Owens Corning, PPG, Solutia, SABIC, and Israel Berger & Associates. He sees his work in materials science as way to inform his artwork. In his Specialty Residency, which will begin in July 2015, Patti will not focus on a specific specialty material for artistic use, but instead will explore the way changes in temperature affect different kinds of glass. He will work extensively at Corning’s research and design facility, Sullivan Park.

“I want to explore temperature ranges not used in the traditional glass studio,” said Patti. “I want to learn from the collaborative dialogue that will take place with the innovative staff at Corning. For me, the process is as important as the outcome; my art is a result of the way I conceptualize and the vision I set for myself as I work. I hope to explore temperature ranges in glass in a way that both Corning and I can learn from.”